• Adeduro Adesola Ogunmakin
  • Aderonke Yetunde Aladejana
  • Kazeem Abiola ADETUNJI
Keywords: Compensation, Promotion, Performance, Motivational Techniques, Departments


The study examined the effects of motivational techniques on job performance in public service in Ekiti State. The study used primary data through a structured questionnaire to collect information from 112 respondents in different Ekiti State Broadcasting Service Departments. Pearson correlation analysis was employed to test the study hypotheses. The study found a significant positive effect of promotion opportunities in the public service and job performance of Public servants in Ekiti State Broadcasting Service (P<0.05). The study's findings revealed (p<0.05) a significant positive impact of public service compensation on Public Servant's job performance in Ekiti State Broadcasting Service. The study concluded a meaningful positive relationship exists between public service motivational techniques and public Servant's job performance in Ekiti State Broadcasting Service. The study recommended that proper compensation packages and policies be established to ensure the appropriate execution of tasks.


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